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Motorcycle Prices Guide

Motorcycle Price Guide
Like all markets, the value of used motorcycles vary according to factors that apply to the industry as a whole and also the particular motorcycle model.

Our used motorcycle price guide will walk you through the different things that affect the price of used motorcycles and will show you how to start comparing what's currently available on the market and at what price.

Factor 1: Basic Supply And Demand

When demand is higher than the available supply (ie there are more buyers than there are used motorcycles) the price will go up across the board. Likewise, when there is more supply than demand (ie more used motorcycles for sale than there are would be buyers) prices will go down across the board.

This generally means that Spring and Summer see the highest demand and hence highest prices while Autumn and Winter see the lowest demand and hence lowest prices. Consequently, even though the riding might not be great in Winter it is generally a great time to buy a used bike for a competitive price.

These basic principles of supply and demand also apply to individual motorcycle models...

Factor 2: The Popularity Or Not Of A Particular Model

Some motorcycles become or are instantly when released classics while others never quite hit the mark despite often being "solid" motorcycles.

Expect to pay over the average prices (ie as compared to similar models) for those bikes which are and have become popular - the Honda VFR 800 sport touring motorcycle would be a good example of a used motorcycle which has held it's value particularly well.

On the flip side, those motorcycles which haven't gained a following can often be had for huge savings on their original retail price even if they are just 1 or 2 years old.

If you have your heart set on a particular model then such variations will probably not concern you but if you're on a budget you'll probably be able to find a pretty much equivalent bike for a significant saving if you do your research and compare the market before jumping in.

Factor 3: Dealer Or Private Seller

As a general rule - if you do your research properly - you will ALWAYS find a significantly better deal through a private seller than you will through a dealer.

Used motorcycle dealers are in the business of making money by selling new and used bikes for profit - they are looking for a return.

In contrast, all the private seller is doing is trying to minimize the loss that every seller has to suffer due to the depreciation of the motorcycle over time.

Their aims are thus diametrically opposed - one is trying to make money out of your purchase and one is trying to limit their own loss.

As we say - you'll always find better deals through private sellers.

Factor 4: Mileage

Mileage can seriously affect the price of a used motorcycle and these price differences are seen most severely in different motorcycle categories and models.

For example, it is generally accepted that tourers, sport tourers and the big dual-sport (or adventure) motorcycles will have higher mileages and as such used values will not be as significantly affected as a sportbike with miles above the average for that motorcycle might be.

On the flip side, if the engine of the particular motorcycle has a solid reputation for lasting then huge savings can be made by buyers who are willing to purchase higher than average mileage bikes as sellers can often run into difficulties when trying to get rid of them.

Factor 5: Usage And Overall Condition

Has the motorcycle been ridden year round in bad weather and on salty roads, has it been off-road and is there evidence of these things.

Has it been used as a commuter or for racing.

Anything out of the norm for that particular motorcycle will adversely affect its value as compared to other private offerings and conversely shrewd buyers can make significant savings on such models providing they carry out the neccessary due dilligence and confirm that any potential issues are only surface deep.

Factor 6: Service History And Past Problems

A bike should have full service history with proof of work under warranty and the fixing of any known issues.

As a buyer expect to pay more for a used motorcycle with full service history and expect to save some money if you're comfortable (ie your understanding of motorcycles and the model in question) purchasing a bike that has either missed a service or the service has been done at home by the rider.

Factor 7: Remaining Warranty

Any time left on the original manufacturer warranty will bump the price a little and it's a fair trade off for the buyer as you have the comfort of knowing you are still protected for at least a period of time.

Many motorcycles come on to the used market as their original warranty runs out as sellers purchase new bikes with full warranty cover. Always do proper research on such bikes to check you are not buying into a lot of problems and make sure you negotiate the price down.

Factor 8: The Addition Of Aftermarket Parts And Accessories

Many motorcyclists add aftermarket parts in order to customize or make their bike their own. Despite the expectations of some sellers, generally speaking a seller will never recover much money for aftermarket add-ons which often leads to them stripping the bike back to stock and selling the motorcycle and accessories seperately.

Don't pay over the odds for accessories and if you don't want some of the things that the previous owner has added make that fact known and negotiate the price down.

How To Research Prices...

There are numerous online resources like the "Blue Book" which provide values for used motorcycle models.

However, because of the factors we've listed above the more you look at the used motorcycle market the more you see that real-world prices are not neccessarily in alignment with the Blue Book suggested values.

Therefore, the best place to start your research is to literally see what is available on the market currently and compare the prices both between similar models and also between different sellers of the same models.

You'll soon get an idea of what's around at what price and hence what is within your budget.

If you know the model you're after use our search box in the top right corner of our website to start looking or otherwise click on one of the following broad motorcycle categories.

These sections will introduce you to the different models and also show you which motorcycles are currently available on the used market and at what price:

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