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American Ironhorse Texas Chopper - Reviews

American Ironhorse Texas ChopperThe all-American classic chopper is the Texas chopper itself. A demanding bike with great physical appearance and so much to offer for its future owners. For any motorcycle enthusiast, whether amateur or avid, the Texas Chopper is a great bike and a beauty at that.

The Texas Chopper brings the 111 S&S engine and 6-speed closed ratio transmission to the grip of the riderís hands.

With the all chrome and designer painted body to the sweeper handlebars, the Texas Chopper stands alone in style and boldness attracting lookers from all around. The stretched chopper tank and long classic body style add to the dramatic figure this bike presents.

Any rider of the Texas Chopper will tell of the great control and perfect comfort that American IronHorse if well known for. Either on a long ride out into the world, or in the heart of the city, this bike will compliment you in every way. A perfect piece to show off your personality and style as you travel far and wide.

The value of American IronHorse Texas Choppers is unsurpassed. Their quality and dependability is something that many bikes do not have. For the long lasting trips and numerous miles that will go into your bike, the Texas chopper will reflect its value time and again.

Anyone that loves a good custom motorcycle will love the Texas Chopper.

American Ironhorse Texas Chopper