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Aprilia RS 50 - Reviews

Aprilia RS 50The Aprilia RS 50 is a truly beautiful small Aprilia sportbike which is the favorite of 16 years old the world over. It is a real bike with the technology specs of much larger capacity supersports and superbikes - lightweight wheels, radial calipers, and aluminium frame and swingarm, and an under-seat exhaust.

It is modelled in the exact same way as it's bigger siblings from the RS 125 up to 1000cc RSV with eye-catching racing lines.

It's incredibly light, it's fast spinning engine quickly revs up to 60 mph and de-restriction can extend this top speed to 80mph and it will, despite it's small capacity engine out-accelerate many a car on the road with precise handling to match this get up and go.

However, with a real bike comes real responsibility and the Aprilia RS 50 will need to be treated differently than you would treat a similar capacity scooter or dirt bike in order for it to remain reliable.

Three things in particular require your attention. Firstly, always make sure you warm her up properly before riding and revving the engine hard. It needs to be at full operating temperature so that you don't put undue pressure on an un-ready engine. Secondly, make sure you use the correct oil which will be detailed in the user manual and finally always use high quality petrol (ie the highest Octane rating available). These last two things will both increase performance and extend the life of the engine and core components.

They are readily available on the used market and providing they have been well treated by their previous owner are a great buy for the young aspiring sport rider.

Advantages: 80 mph de-restricted, stylish, head-turner, real sportbike.

Disadvantages: Temperamental, no storage, replacement parts can be hard to find.

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