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BMW R1200C - Reviews

BMW R1200CThe BMW R1200C is BMWs first hand at a cruiser bike and its attempt at throwing away the jacket and tie impression. It is also the same bike used in the James Bond thriller, Tomorrow Never Dies.

If you like to cruise in style, this is the bike for you it has a laid back cruiser stance, but shows off technical sophistication that BMW has become known for. The seat and handgrips are leather, and the passenger seat folds up as a backrest.

The torquey boxer engine is backed by a five-speed transmission. It gives up 61hp at 5,000 rpm and 71 foot pounds of torque at 3,000 rpm. Even though this bike is only a five-speed, that is all you need. The first three gears have a shorter ratio, and the fifth gear has a longer overdrive ratio.

The front of the bike uses BMWs Telelever suspension and is cast aluminum the unit includes air passages to help cool dual oil-coolers. The rear has anti-lock rear brakes, but no Paralever suspension like BMWs other bikes.

This bike want back to the Monolever suspension, giving the bike its look and giving the designer more flexibility than a two-shock system would offer. Even without the Paralever system in the rear, the bike is still steady in high speed curves and gives a comfortable ride.

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