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BMW R50 - Reviews

BMW R50The BMW R50 was first produced in 1955. In 1960, it was updated and called the R50/2. In 1970, after several more updates, BMW came out with the R50/5. The R50 is a touring bike, and is good for short weekend tours or driving around town its a perfect bike for going back and forth to work.

The 498ci engine is BMWs signature two-cylinder, four-stroke boxer engine. In this year, there were still only two valves per cylinder.

The engine is air-cooled and provides a smooth ride. It is well balanced, allowing for superb handling. The transmission is a four-speed, and gets the power to the rear wheels via a cardan shaft drive. The shaft drive allows for a more comfortable ride for the sidecar rider he doesnt have to put up with dirt and oil slinging into his face from the chain.

Both front and rear brakes are drum brakes, and while they provide plenty of stopping power, are not quite the same as the more modern disc brakes. The tank holds 6.34 gallons (24 litres) and allows the rider to go for quite a distance before filling up.

The R50/5 weighs in at 489.4 pounds (222 kg). It reaches a top speed of 93.8 miles per hour (151 km/h).

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