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BMW R60 - Reviews

BMW R60The BMW R60 is a touring bike, but like the R65, it is mostly good for shorter tours and inner city driving. It is geared for the rider who likes to ride for fun and needs a cheap way to commute to work – or maybe even a weekend trip to the mountains. The bike is superbly built and is cheap to maintain. It was produced from 1956 to 1960.

The four-stroke, two-cylinder flat twin engine possesses only 28 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. It runs a lot smoother than the larger boxer engines, and will easily cruise at 80 miles per hour – with luggage.

The engine is fed by two Type Bing carburetors. The transmission is a four-speed with 5.33 / 3.02 / 2.04 / 1.54 gear ratios. Top speed is 90 miles per hour.

Both front and rear brakes are drum brakes and have adequate stopping power and feel solid. The frame is a double loop steel tubular frame. The front suspension is a long swing arm and oil pressure shock absorbers. The rear suspension is also a long swing arm with oil pressure shock absorbers.

The fuel tank holds only 4.49 gallons (17 litres), but can take you about 200 miles before you need a fill-up. The bike weighs only 429 pounds (195 kg) without the sidecar. When the sidecar is added, it weighs 704 pounds (320 kg).

This bike’s amenities include a shaft drive, electronic ignition, air cooling, stainless exhaust, a comfortable seat and low footpegs.

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