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Big Dog Husky - Reviews

Big Dog HuskyIf you happen to be searching for a motorcycle that shows off personality and silent style, then look no further than the Husky. This low and long motorcycle resembles its namesake the husky dog as it prowls through the city as a street bike. With a new design in past few years, the Husky is the best buy of all Big Dogs according to value and attributes.

Husky has 21 inch, aluminum wheels and a wide set front end. The S&S 107cubic inch engine gives the Husky a smooth run and extra power through its torque band.

The bike is complete in polished chrome and, as with all Big Dogs, is available in many custom paint designs. With the 5-speed transmission and a super smooth clutch, this bike gives control to the rider with ease.

The Husky is a great bike for nearly everyone. The balance is perfectly set and gives the rider stability when going through turns and on long trips. Complete with several accessories, the Husky becomes your very own custom bike with little effort. The stretched tanks, a front fender in café style and a full-bodied rear fender pull the bike together in a one of a kind way.

For the impressive quality that Big Dog Motorcycles gives to their followers and loyal riders, the Husky is a great bike to invest in. A perfect starting point to a long life of open road traveling and seeing the world as only you can. The Husky by Big Dog Motorcyles is a lasting piece that will please you time and again.

Big Dog Husky