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Big Dog Mastiff - Reviews

Big Dog MastiffA fantastically stunning design encompasses the work of the Mastiff by big Dog motorcycles. A hopper at heart, this bike carries with it several different personalities just waiting to explode. At first glance, the Mastiff is quiet and content, but as you stretch its wings and give it some room, it will show you how loud it yearns to be.

The Mastiff is built low to the ground with only a four-inch clearance. At 8.5 feet long, this bike is easy to jump on, ride and go far from home.

The Mastiff offers a hidden shock suspension and an electronic fire start for get up and go. With the option of carbureted or fuel injected, this Big Dog has speed and engine durability even the utmost enthusiastic biker desires.

Set up with a 300 mm rear tire and a 39-degree frame rake, this bike is as enticing to the eyes as it is the heart. As the entire bike weighs in at 708 pounds dry, along with a fuel capacity of 4.6, it will become increasingly hard not to take those longer journeys.

As a part of a motorcycle family of great bikes, the Mastiff stands amidst its brothers and looks to control the roads. The impeccable value and quality of a Big Dog, things that many riders have come to love, go into the artistry of this outstanding machine. Followers have come to appreciate the Mastiff, especially as it grows as one of the top popular bikes inside the ever-growing Big Dog Motors line up.

Big Dog Mastiff