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Big Dog Ridgeback - Reviews

Big Dog RidgebackLong and distinctive, the Ridgeback draws attention as it sits low and waits. Watching for the right time to strike and skid off the pavement riding into the sunset.

With a rigid frame and 39 degree rake, the Ridgeback is as impressive to the eyes as it is to the riding experience.

This chopper is a great bike for people who command attention and love to be awed at, while of course delivering performance to back up its intent to dazzle.

With a 330mm rear tire and at 9 feet long, this bike is stunning on the open road. The ride is amazing and very sturdy to give the rider ease with handling.

The carbureted OHV 45 degree V-Twin motor is a great centerpiece for how capable the bike is of attaining power and constant reliability. Along with the 6-speed transmission and electric start, the Ridgeback is simple to start up and control, as the speeds get higher.

While the Ridgeback rider enjoys the awesome handling and control, the design works just as predominantly so. A rigid cruiser with a rebellious design, this bike is excellent in hardcore elements and excites onlookers with an outstanding performance.

The Ridgeback’s phenomenal artwork and spectacular presentation is only the beginning of the experience. A long lasting bike with the quality you desire, this bold chopper from Big Dog has what it takes to drive the rider to another level of biking. Certainly, the Ridgeback is a superior choice that comes with impeccable value.

Big Dog Ridgeback