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Custom BobberCustom-made motorcycles are everywhere today, and of the most prominent styles and designs, there is still a demand for the old school bobber bike. This motorcycle has a lean design that resembles a racer from the early 1900’s. A bobber also contains some classic bike features from the earlier years of motorcycling history when Harley-Davidson first appeared. With leading motorcycles such as the Indian Spirit, the Triumph Bonneville Special and the Titan Gecko, bobber motorcycles are found all over the world.

Main features that distinguish the bobber from other motorcycles are the frame, handling and the smooth ride. The fenders of a bobber are smaller than other bikes and have a “bobbed” appearance to them. The higher, upright seating and balanced wheels, rarely over 190mm, attribute to the appearance of the bobber. The handling is often easy since the overall bike is relaxed and comfortable. Riding on long trips or inside the city is certainly done with ease and little effort to no effort on a bobber style motorcycle.

The lightweight bobber is good on control and ergonomics. With the electronic fuel injection and typical four-cylinder, six-speed transmission, maneuverability comes standard. The very common V-twin engine that most bobbers are equipped with, have great performance and little to no maintenance. A bobber motorcycle is a good starting motorcycle for an amateur biker or someone just beginning to ride. With the simplicity of the style and the smaller and lean frame, almost anyone can soon master the bobber and enjoy its qualities time and again.

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