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Custom Motorcycles

Broadly speaking there are two kinds of true custom motorcycles. Manufactured custom motorcycles by companies such as American Ironhorse and Big Dog who produced limited numbers of highly unique and stylized models, and custom built motorcycles which are generally complete one-offs either by independent manufacturers or talented bikers.

Both of these are to be distinguised from customized motorcycles, particularly cruisers, whereby large numbers of aftermarket parts are added to individualize the bike further.

These are base models with some personal touches and in comparison to both custom manufactured motorcycles and custom-built motorcycles are considered mainstream or "factory customs".

Pure custom bikes trace back to post World War II where the chopper craze originated in the 50s and 60s. In the past decade custom bikes have seen a huge comeback into the mainstream media with hit reality TV shows like American Chopper.

Custom Motorcycle Manufacturers

American Ironhorse Motorcycle

American Ironhorse

Founded in 1955, American Ironhorse is now the largest factory producer of custom V-twin motorycles in the USA.

Big Dog Motorcycle

Big Dog

Founded in 1994 and producing their 20,000th motorcycle in 2006, Big Dog has grown into one of the leading providers of custom motorcycles in both the cruiser and chopper style.

Bourget Motorcycle


Bourget's Bike Works is a specialist manufacturer of custom motorcycles out of Florida.

Hellbound Steel Motorcycle

Hellbound Steel

Hellbound Steel motorcycle manufacturers have long been known for their unique custom designs.

Orange County Motorcycle

Orange County

Located in New York, Orange County Choppers has been delivering custom-made motorcycles since 1999.

Pro Street Motorcycle

Pro Street

Pro Street Choppers have been making custom motorcycles for over twenty years.

Pure Steel Motorcycle

Pure Steel

Pure Steel motorcycles have long been known for designs that attribute respect and character to events that have shaped America.

Red Horse Motorcycle

Red Horse

With the style and performance that Red Horse Choppers have become known for, the S&S engine is found without surprise.

Redneck Engineering Motorcycle

Redneck Engineering

Redneck Engineering's designer and founder Vince Doll has taken the idea of the custom designed motorcycle and revolutionized it.

Ridley Motorcycle


Founded in 1995, Ridley Motorcycles spent four years of development for their custom-made bikes revealing models in 1999.

Santee Motorcycle


Santee is the maker of uniquely designed motorcycle frames and exhausts, while offering great value for quality.

Saxon Motorcycle


Saxon Motorcycles has come from a small company in 2004 to a large-scale seller by their outstanding value, service and reputation for quality.

Swift Motorcycle


Swift Motorcycle Company has been offering strong and intense custom bikes since 2001.

Thunder Mountain Motorcycle

Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain Motorcycles are an exclusive custom design shop that sells only to select Harley dealers across the country.

Titan Motorcycle


By their own admission, Titan began manufacturing custom motorcycles 13 years ago as an "antidote to the usual cookie cutter bike-builders".

Vengeance Motorcycle


Vengeance Motorcycles was formed in 2002 to lead the way in heavy weight cruisers and choppers.

West Coast Motorcycle

West Coast

As one of the largest Jawa-CZ supply companies, West Coast Motorcycles offers many choppers and ways to personalize them.

Wild West Motorcycle

Wild West

The custom made, hand built motorcycles of the Wild West Motor Company are by far bold and intricate.

Custom Built Motorcycles

Custom Chopper

Custom Choppers

The most widely known and owned motorcycle type is the chopper style. Today there is a surge in demand for these distinctive motorcycles, largely based on their intricate designs and artwork.

Custom Bobber

Custom Bobbers

Custom-made motorcycles are everywhere today, and of the most prominent styles and designs, there is still a demand for the old school bobber bike.