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Ducati 916 - Reviews

Ducati 916The Ducati 916 conceived by Massimo Tamburini is often considered one of the most beautiful bikes ever created. That’s about right for a company known for its sleek and impressive eye catchers. There’s nothing sluggish about this bike either.

Ducatis have always been known as much for their speed as their beauty. Fun to ride, these Italian bikes are aggressive yet amazingly stable.

The 916 gave Ducati its most solid position in the industry ever and sparked a revival of admiration for them when it rolled out. It still stands today as one of the most remarkable performance bikes ever made.

The thing about a Ducati is that they are not especially beginner friendly but they will teach a beginner exactly what they need to know and make it fun in the processes. The fact that they are so stable is what makes the Ducati such a good bike for a beginner and makes the learning curve so enjoyable.

Its 996cc engine gives it the speed to keep up with most bikes on the road and it is a definite track monster. What makes this road hugger such an appealing machine is the thing Ducati is famous for beyond their track winning ways—the ability to lean into the sharpest corner in a way the rider barely notices until they are so far into it they are touching the ground.

With a dry weight of almost 419 pounds it is not the lightest Ducati ever made but it is still easily handled by just about any size rider.

Comparison bikes: Aprilia RSV Mille, Bimota YB11, Suzuki TL 1000 R, Kawasaki ZX-7R Ninja, Moto Guzzi Daytona RS, Laverda 750 S.

Advantages: Great handling. Excellent prices. Good for beginners as long as they don’t let the power get away from them.

Disadvantages: Aggressive riding position is uncomfortable for long rides.

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