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Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis - Reviews

Harley-Davidson FXB SturgisThe Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis is has a commemorative edition (1982) to honor the Sturgis Rally. It is one of the most collectible Harleys. 1982 was also the first year that management and ownership went back to Harley (it was previously under AMF). It was also the first year the belt drive was introduced. The Sturgis is a cruiser model, and made for those who like to cruise the circuit of bike shows.

The air-cooled engine is a “shovelhead” 80 cubic inch engine that is backed by a four-speed transmission. It is a v-twin and puts out 67 horse power at 5,800 rpm. It, like the rest of Harley’s v-twins is a four-stroke motor with two valves per cylinder (intake and exhaust).

The bike weighs in a t613 pounds “wet.” It holds 4.10 gallons of fuel, allowing you to clock some miles prior to filling up, but not as much as some of the larger v-twins, which can hold up to six gallons of gas. The front brakes use dual discs and the rear brakes use a single disc. The top speed of this bike is 105.6 miles per hour.

The Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis’s body style and engine configuration is the classic look, and gives the classic feel of what riding a Harley is all about. This bike tends to gather crowds no matter where you go, and is easily identifiable with the “82” logo on the front.

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