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Harley-Davidson Road Glide - Reviews

Harley-Davidson Road GlideThe Harley Davidson Road Glide is a touring bike made for long distance tours. It is geared for the rider who likes to take long trips, and is quite comfortable for both rider and passenger. The trunk is optional on this model, but for those long-more-than-a-weekend trips, you will need it, in addition to the rather modest, hard saddlebags.

The engine is Harley’s signature 45 degree v-twin with two valves per cylinder. This particular air-cooled v-twin is 1,450cc, backed by a five-speed transmission.

Each cylinder has two valves – an intake and exhaust valve, and is fueled by EFI (electronic fuel injection). It gets about 50 miles per gallon.

The Road Glide has a larger fairing, giving it a bit more weight than the Road King. Even with this extra weight, it has more cornering clearance than the Road King and has surprisingly nice lean angles. The 26-degree rake helps with nice cornering. The front brakes consist of two 2-piston calipers and 11 ˝-inch discs and one 2-piston caliper on an 11 ˝-inch disc for the rear brakes. The front suspension has 41mm stanchions with 4.6-inch travel, and the rear has two dampers with 3-inch travel.

The Harley Davidson Road Glide has a bit lower seat height at 29.5 inches. The dry weight of the bike is 723 pounds. The larger fairing contains a double headlight, giving you plenty of light and visibility at night. It also houses the gauges and an AM/FM stereo.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide