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Harley-Davidson Flathead - Reviews

Harley-Davidson FlatheadWith the epic introduction of the very first Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Flathead engine was a revolutionary tool in the early twentieth century. After the stock market crisis of 1929 and the supply of over 60,000 flathead twins during WW2, Harley Davidson became the world’s largest motorcycle producing company. Along with the popular aid of the Flathead came the valuable name of Harley Davidson.

The first Flathead engines that were developed were at 750cc and gave way to Indian Motors and their days at racing stardom. The overhead valve design had long dominated with Triumph and BSA, but Harley Davidson gave the Flathead a solid place to call home. With the side-valve design, the engine was more simple and easy to maintain.

As with other engine styles and designs, the Flathead engine found it harder to last in the ever-changing vehicle world. With the addition of paved roads, higher speeds and greater racing demands, the Knucklehead engine soon replaced the Flathead engine in the late 1930’s. Although some Flatheads have been produced to original specifications, the ones found from yester year are very valuable and hold high antique qualities that many riders only dream of.

After the war and the use of racing and police force Flatheads, the engine became obsolete. Although, as with anything Harley Davidson produces, an early vintage 1930’s Flathead motorcycle can yield great treasure and enjoyment. The unique 1956 KH, which was once loved by Elvis, is a perfect example of the Flathead in its prime of performance and popularity.

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