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Harley-Davidson Knucklehead - Reviews

Harley-Davidson KnuckleheadBy being the first overhead valve engine of its time, the Knucklehead engine was a remarkable designing feature of 1936. Replacing the before adored Flathead engine, the Knucklehead became the great grandfather of the now Evo engine. Being a great innovation of its production years in the 30s and 40s, the Knucklehead finally was replaced by the Panhead engine in 1947.

Among the available sizes of 74ci to 120ci, the Knucklehead was more versatile than those before it were. From a 3.44 bore up to a 4.0 bore and 3 to 4.75 stroke, the further attributes of the Knucklehead were easily seen. The name comes from the rocker or valve covers appearing as knuckles when, in those earlier days, engines were distinguished by appearance names.

The original Knucklehead engine was designed for the Harley Davidson choppers of the 1940s. With the stainless steel tank trim, a gasket under the tank badge and a shut off rod for the Knucklehead itself, the engine was complete for performance and durability. The Knucklehead engine is worldly renowned for its design and history with Harley Davidson and its overall endurance as the perfect chopper engine.

For enthusiasts that long to create their own chopper from scratch, the Knucklehead is most always the engine of preference. With the unmistakable qualities that come hand in hand with Harley Davidson, riders alike know that there is no better value for their custom made choppers. With the many sizes and formats, the Knucklehead fits many frames for optimal excellence.

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