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Harley-Davidson Panhead - Reviews

Harley-Davidson PanheadThe Panhead engine that became most popular in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s after being first introduced in 1948. Replacing the Knucklehead engine style, the Panhead was so named for the appearance of its rocker covers. The two-cylinder, two-valve per cylinder, pushrod V-twin engine was a unique design that stuck out among competitors. With chrome cast components, stock steel pushrods and hydrualic tappets this engine style had something to offer for every rider.

An ever-evolving engine type, the Panhead has kept its distinctive shape of valve covers over many years to please Harley Davidson followers. Being able to identify an engine by the shape of its covers had long been admired of Harley Davidson. The rocker covers on the Panhead appeared like an upside down cake pan.

The Panhead engine was used in the Captain America Chopper that Peter Fonda rode in the film “Easy Rider.” The original Hummer by Harley Davidson was made from 1955 until 1959 and contained the Panhead engine while in the height of its popularity. Used in Big Twin Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Panhead was important to Harley for quality and value as is the case today.

Once being a top of the line engine, the inevitable decline as with all other engines, the Panhead soon fell short of the ever-changing motorcycle industry. Some manufacturers are still able to make a prestigious replica of the Panhead. While paying close attention to detail and original design, these manufacturers make it possible to own a Panhead that performs with top precision and performance.

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