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Harley-Davidson Shovelhead - Reviews

Harley-Davidson ShovelheadManufactured in 1966 by the Harley Davidson Motor Company, the Shovelhead engine was used in the 1340cc Big Twin Bikes of 1978. Replacing the Panhead style engines, the Shovelhead engine held its place at Harley Davidson for eighteen years after being replaced by Evo engines in 1984. Harley Davidson models FX 1200 and the FLTC 1340 Tour Glide Classic have utilized the Shovelhead engine as well as modern designs that are being custom built with this engine.

The name Shovelhead refers to a time when naming engines was largely based on the rocker cover style at the engines top. The slightly rounded rocker covers on this particular engine resembled that of a shovel. With the air cooled, 45-degree V-twin design, the Shovelhead was an engine widely used and admired during the eighteen years of use. The Shovelhead engine is a dependable one that attracts as many buyers now as it did thrity years ago. The quality that Harley Davidson adds to their designs is contagious to other manufacturers trying to satisfy with the same great engine.

Later in the manufacturing life of the Shovelhead, innovation had led to the easier Evo engine that placed the Shovelhead as an antique before officially being retired. The earlier models were no longer competitive of oil management, reliability and performance as the newer engines. Some third party manufacturers still produce these Shovelhead engines with a variety of bores and in larger scales than originally. These are competitive and as durable as other engines today.

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