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Honda CB 350 - Reviews

Honda CB 350If you want a bike that will start a conversation the Honda CB350 is a great bike to have. They are hard to find vintage bikes that will draw attention wherever they are parked. This fantastic bike was one of the most popular Honda's of the late 60's early 70's.

Having a classic bike in your garage can often mean spending a lot of money on parts to recondition it when needed but it is well worth the time and expense to get something really special.

It has a 347cc engine which is a step up from the older vintage Hondas and more able to keep up with the slower traffic on your weekend road trips, or get you to the office on time in the morning commute.

The Honda CB350 is a mild bike that is kind to beginners and fun for experienced riders who appreciate a piece of history.

Advantages: Great beginner bike, or vintage racing enthusiast bike. Classic status will attract many admirers.

Disadvantages: Expensive to restore or repair. Low end of the modern power availability.

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