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Honda CB 750 - Reviews

Honda CB 750When the Honda CB750 hit the market it was the first street bike to have disc brakes and an inline 4 cylinder engine.

It created quite a stir and Cycle Magazine called it 'the most sophisticated production bike ever'. Its owners usually agree.

It is a powerful little bike that is stable enough to teach a more advanced beginner the ropes to expert levels.

Even with a very reliable braking system the speeds of up to 120 mph from the 736 to 747cc engine (depending on the year model) it can jump away from a brand new rider but it will give up 7000 to 7500 rpm of torque and make those with the ability or the guts to ride it as a beginner a genuine smile. The CB750 also called the 'Nighthawk' was a bridge between cruiser and sport bike for the rider who wanted to have a fun, fast, yet comfortable ride without the big heavy weight cruiser look.

The CB750 handles well in most traffic and road conditions and the 5.25 gallon fuel tank will keep you moving a long time. At 513 pounds it is a bit of a handful but it's 30" seat height makes it comfortable for almost any rider.

In 2007 Honda introduced a special edition of their most popular bike and the CB750 Nighthawk enjoyed a revival that continues even today.

Advantages: Powerful fun handful for average to experienced riders. Classic and famous vintage bike.

Disadvantages: A bit heavy for smaller riders and not a new rider bike.

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