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Honda CBR 900 RR - Reviews

Honda CBR 900 RRThe Honda CBR900RR was a great improvement over earlier models with an improved suspension to make rough roads or bumps more comfortable. It was the first of the Fireblade line and has looks and style to add to the speed and reliability that Honda is known for.

The CBR900RR is big and impressive with a 32" seat height that gives it a big look that belies its mere 370 pound bulk.

A shorter rider may have difficulty standing with it but this charming bike will not require a ton of muscle to handle.

With its 833cc displacement and hot looks it is a great bike to churn up a highway with and will get you plenty admiring glances in town. It handles well in urban areas and requires little maintenance. It provides a respectable 105 pounds of torque at 9500 rpm and attains a comfortable and stable 151 horse power at 11250 rpm. The Honda CR900RR give any rider a great run for their money. Its stability makes it a weekend or track bike for anyone who can handle the power it delivers.

The CBR900RR Fireblade's biggest claim to media fame may be in the animated movie 'American Dad' but for the sports minded cyclist the Fireblade carries the banner of speed and maneuverability as its highest achievement.

Advantages: Sporty, fast, low maintenance.

Disadvantages: Requires a rider with the ability to handle the power. 32" seat height can make it a little uncomfortable for shorter riders.

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