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Honda CR 125 - Reviews

Honda CR 125The Honda CR125 is a great dirt bike for every level. It has power and speed although it is a little slower and heavier than some of the others in its class. The stability and control of this tall bike makes it great for those who are just learning the ropes but need or want a larger bike and more powerful engine than a true entry level dirt bike.

It jumps really well and has a very sturdy frame that can take the beatings you throw at it.

There is no ground this beautiful and graceful bike canít handle. It is extremely easy to clean up and maintain which is an important factor when you spend most of your time playing in the dust and the mud.

Its 125cc engine is liquid cooled and produces enough power for any beginning and intermediate rider to have a ball on. It has a 37 inch seat and weighs only 192.9 pounds making it tall and lean enough to keep you balanced and moving fast. It has a great suspension that doesnít bottom out on the jumps and plenty of torque to push you as fast as you want to go. Beginning riders will need to be aware of the extreme take off thrust of this mighty bike. It can easily throw a rider and scare a timid one.

Advantages: Great entry level serious dirt bike. Easy to maintain.

Disadvantages: Can shake a bit at top speeds. Requires a fair amount of aggression to rideónot for timid riders.

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