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Honda CR 250 - Reviews

Honda CR 250If you have seen the wildly popular new series ‘Burn Notice’ you may have caught a glimpse of the lightning fast Honda CR250. The bike was used in a getaway chase by the lead character Michael Weston and he slid it under a truck to escape the bad guys.

The CR250 is super fast and extra light making it an awesome bike for all terrains. Although it is especially suited to a track of any ground condition it can do just about anything.

Its 249cc liquid cooled engine propels it along at high speeds that cover ground and swallow it up. It can jump and, well as the television show proved, slide with the best of them.

It’s an incredibly reliable and stable bike even at top speeds. It has a 5-speed transmission and is a mere 213 pounds making it easy to put into flight. With a 37 inch seat it is a tall bike meant for bigger more skilled riders. It has a deceptive appearance of being compact and small but that makes it more sure-footed, it really isn’t a small bike at all.

It is easy to maintain like most of its Honda cousins and is a track accomplished winner. This is a great bike to spend the weekends racing the back roads, and then hitting the track for a few quick laps. On pavement or dirt it will keep your eyes tearing and your chest pounding.

Advantages: Great speed. Fast starting. Controlled power.

Disadvantages: Hard for shorter riders to handle. Too powerful for beginners.

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