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Honda CR 80 - Reviews

Honda CR 80The Honda CR80 is an entry level dirt bike that many youngsters adore. It is a heavy bike for a small child to handle but offers a great deal of stability and while it has power it is not uncontrollable speed or bursts of energy that would unseat an unsuspecting child or teen. It excels at motocross and takes jumps and handles ruts with ease. It will wheelie quick enough to bring a smile to any young heart and brake with assurance and dexterity.

For a small dirt bike it eats a lot of fuel but it wasn't meant for distance anyway. It was meant to play in the mud and it does that great. Unlike many entry level bikes this one can keep up with the big boys which will make your youngster proud. It can be a little tall for small riders with a 33.1 inch seat and its super lightweight frame that comes in at 148 pounds provides extreme maneuverability and speed. Young new riders should take care until they are completely accustomed to the abilities of this bike so they don't end up on the ground. Playing in the mud is only fun if you stay on the bike.

Its 80cc engine is strong enough to provide maximum propulsion for even larger riders who want a fun bike to get down and dirty with. This dirt devil has a heart of pure speed.

Advantages: Quick lightweight bike that is an excellent dirt road or motocross bike for young or beginning riders.

Disadvantages: Hard seat.

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