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Honda CRF 230 - Reviews

Honda CRF 230For six speeds of constant fun the Honda CRF230 can't be beat. It is a smallish dirt bike but that hides the true power and versatility of this quick bike. Its 34.5" seat makes it not as small as it appears at first glance. It's not the tallest of the lean, quick, dirt riders but it isn't quite a mini bike either. It can take on the worst trails you can throw at it like a Sunday walk in the park.

An electric starter makes it quick to get into the action with little fuss and is great for teens and adults, male or female, anyone who wants to blow away the dirt from the ground.

Its 37 mm front end suspension makes for great handling over rough ground and the 223 cc engine will handle it fast. The CRF230 is a fantastic endurance off-road bike for fun or race and will always keep you at the head of the pack with the stability to give you the confidence you need to really go for the most it has.

Often considered the best entry level bikes of their class the Honda CRF230 gives riders of any skill the ability to have fun on any dirt conditions. From dusty gravel to muddy trails this bike digs in and takes charge. It has terrific balance and superb handling on tight corners and the toughest ruts.

Advantages: The top beginning to advanced rider dirt bike of its class. Easy to control if you are up to the power. Great durability and low maintenance.

Disadvantages: A little tall for shorter riders.

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