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Honda CRF 70 - Reviews

Honda CRF 70The Honda CRF70 is a great little bike that looks and feels like a big bike. It gives your younger riders who are just starting out and ready to move up to a real competition styled dirt bike a way to get their feet wet without compromising their safety on a bigger machine.

The slick styling of this handsome bike makes it very appealing to the younger peer conscious set as well. They will feel like a 'pro' while they become accustomed to the handling of different terrains and styles of riding.

Honda made the CRF lines to be especially stable and sturdy. The automatic transmission and electric start makes them very user friendly for beginning riders and has even spoiled some more experienced riders drawing them to the dark side of such luxuries even in a scrappy dirt monster. A 26 inch seat height makes it easy to handle for any size rider and the 70cc engine has enough power while being novice friendly.

Like all of the Honda CRF lines the CRF70 is a very low maintenance machine so that it spends as much time as possible playing around on the trails than it does sitting in your shop. This is especially great for the young and impatient riders who want to be out playing not tinkering with maintenance.

Give the young person aching to hit the dirt a great way to develop their skills with the CRF70.

Advantages: Excellent starter dirt bike. Low maintenance. Dependable and sturdy. Automatic transmission and electric starter.

Disadvantages: Small and not enough power for advanced riders so it will be necessary to upgrade as skills progress.

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