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Honda Goldwing GL1000 - Reviews

Honda Goldwing GL1000The Honda Goldwing GL1000 was the first of its kind on many levels. It became a hallmark for what cruiser bikes should ascribe to forever more and has a place in the hearts of touring bikers everywhere. The GL1000 is a quiet motorcycle in spite of its immense size. It incorporated a silencer box that reduced the noise level tremendously. For many bikers the sound makes the ride but for pure comfort and luxury one of the key points of magnificence is a quiet ride. The GL1000 also produced a unique fuel tank set up with the actual reservoir under the seat and what looked like the tank up front where normal bikes had them was really an electronic brain with a radiator overflow tank that integrated a fuel pump which was very unique to motorcycles at the time.

Compared to later models of the Goldwing series the GL1000 was a bare bones bike. The massive flairings and touring accessories were not standard but it did have what all good touring bikes must provideŚa smooth and comfortable ride. It had power too. A 999cc produced 78 horsepower at 9000 rpms.

The GL1000 was also one of the first to install a water-cooled engine. There were many similarities between great luxury automobile craftsmanship and deluxe touring motorcycle craftsmanship with the new Goldwing bikes such as a shaft drive, the layout of the transmission under the engine rather than behind it and these helped to change the face of touring bikes forever.

For all its power and comfort the Honda Goldwing series is often considered one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever produced. It is certainly eye-catching and the GL1000 started it all.

Advantages: Comfortable luxury touring.

Disadvantages: This is pretty much a one-purpose bikeŚlong distance comfort. You can jump it but it will kill you. It is also a very large and heavy bike which makes it difficult to maneuver in tight places and very hard for a smaller person to handle.

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