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Honda Goldwing GL1100 - Reviews

Honda Goldwing GL1100If the first Honda Goldwing introduced didn't install it forever into the minds of touring bikers everywhere the next model did. The Goldwing GL1100 bench pressed its way into the heavyweight class with supremacy that remains unmatched today.

Essentially the GL1100 is the same bike as the GL1000 which started the touring bike craze. The main difference was a bigger bore that gave the 999cc engine a power boost to 1089cc. While this engine's power translated into more torque than speed it is still fully capable of unleashing an impressive number of horses as it gallops down the highway.

Still a bare bike compared to what modern touring bikers are used to it was and still is captivating and comfortable. Many manufacturers began to make additional supplies for these great bikes to make them even more touring friendly and as popularity and demand for flairings and luggage carriers became more evident Honda itself jumped on the accessories bandwagon creating their own line until later models simply came with the works. Its quiet ride and cloud-like comfort offered the ability to travel for hundreds of miles without a single complaint from either driver or passenger. The engines have been known to get well over 100,000 miles so even a well-used Goldwing is usually a great investment.

Advantages: Superior comfort on long road trips.

Disadvantages: As the Goldwing line started to grow so did their size and weight making them nearly impossible for smaller riders to handle.

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