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Honda Goldwing GL1500 - Reviews

Honda Goldwing GL1500With the Goldwing GL1500 Honda put more ponies under the saddle and more weight in the machine to create an even better ride than it already possessed with earlier models. As incredible as it seemed at the time the Goldwings kept getting better. The GL1500 has an impressive 99 horses running at top efficiency with enough torque to make it a powerful boost at every shift. There are a few drawbacks to packing more power into an already strong running bike: the GL1500 only gets about 40 miles per gallon and weighs in at over 793 pounds. This is a bike that truly was the beginning of the tricked out touring bikes we know today though. It has hard storage areas, big comfortable passenger seating behind the driver and rides like a dream.

The GL1500 has an incredible flat 6 cylinder 1500cc engine and—impressively—a reverse gear. With the GL1500 gone were the days of struggling to back step these monsters in reverse. This model is the quietest Goldwing yet in the series which brought many complaints from traditionalists who felt a true biker should relish the growl of a powerful engine, not want to ride in a car on two wheels.

For the comfort lover who still wanted to enjoy the feel of the breeze the Goldwing GL1500 was the beginning of an era of 'Cadillacs' on two-wheels. Maximum comfort, super power, and long endurance.

Advantages: Incredible power, huge comfortable fully-loaded luxury, durability, and reliability.

Disadvantages: Huge bike period. Forget any type of sports minded activities this bike is a sedate ride in the country, albeit a nice fast one.

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