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Honda Goldwing GL1800 - Reviews

Honda Goldwing GL1800With the GL1800 Honda didn't manage to bring down the weight any, in fact, they increased it. The Goldwings were officially (if it was ever in doubt) the tankers of the bike world. At 792 pounds you now needed a forklift on hand if you dumped this bad boy. What made this model keep the tradition of the Goldwing alive when it was so massive and hard to handleómore power, better mileage, and once again, a ride that made you feel like heaven had parted and let you in for a ride.

That wasn't all that Honda had in store as a surprise for its Goldwing loyalists however. A lighter frame meant that the even bigger engine and more gadgets and comfort didn't tip the scales at super-tanker and also managed to increase gas mileage to 55 miles per gallon as compared to a previous 40. The new alloy frame that had fewer parts proved a bit stiffer but the effect was a sportier looking super cruiser that met the needs of a society destined to micro-everything from computers to cameras and of course modes of transportation. While this was no mini-anything it wasn't the massive boat it could have been if Honda had stayed its previous course.

ABS brakes made stopping more reliable and with the heft of the Goldwings it was a very welcomed addition to the lineup. Once again Honda proved its superiority in the heavyweights as a tour bike producer extraordinaire with the GL1800.

Advantages: More comfort than ever before, more gadgets, better mileage, durable and long lasting.

Disadvantages: Maxing out the acceptable weight for anything a human being needed to be able to control physically.

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