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Honda Magna - Reviews

Honda Magna motorcycles are known for their smooth features and powerful engine. This uniquely designed motorcycle series, that has been around since the 1980’s, still dominates many roads across the nation. A cruiser that has the rake of a chopper and the heart of a racer, the Magna series is just as simple as its name; molten hot and ready to run. The stylish bold colors and five spoke alloy wheels offer a look that only a Magna could pull off.

Honda Magna Model Reviews

Honda V30

Honda Magna V30

The Honda Magna v30 is an exceptional sport touring bike that makes riding a dream while still giving its handler all the aggressive power they can handle.

Honda V45

Honda Magna V45

The Honda Magna v45 is the type of bike that only happens on rare occasions in motorcycle history.

Honda V65

Honda Magna V65

The Honda Magna v65 showed the biking world that it really was possible to have massive power and beauty in one brilliant package.

Honda VF700C

Honda Magna VF700C

Available from 1985 to 1987 the Honda Magna VF700C came in black or red. Its color wasn't distinctive at all for a motorcycle but like all Honda sport touring bikes it had a style all its own.

Honda VF750C

Honda Magna VF750C

The Honda Magna VF750C is a quality, air like ride with stability and easy control even in the tightest twists—but don't mistake this thunderbolt for a cruiser.