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Honda Magna V30 - Reviews

Honda Magna V30The Honda Magna v30 is an exceptional sport touring bike that makes riding a dream while still giving its handler all the aggressive power they can handle. Its 748cc engine delivers 64 horsepower and although it is not a lightweight bike, at 439 pounds, it is so easy to handle that even smaller riders can feel comfortable with it. It has enough manners to allow beginners to get the feel for having such a powerful bike. Honda apparently decided that even novice riders should be able to experience the thrill and excitement of a sporty, fast moving bike that is a pleasure to ride.

It really comes as no surprise, however. Honda has often attempted to make even their most powerful and sporty bikes novice friendly. With the Magna v30 they have made the attempt and accomplished it. It has a 6 speed wet clutch that provides a lot of power and a 30 inch seat that allows for most riders to fit comfortably on its back.

The Magna v30 does have a slight problem with not having cam oil passages making it a problem getting oil to the top of the engine. This can cause some maintenance problems. Honda has a kit available to fix the issue and later models of the Magna v30 already have it installed.

Advantages: For easy handling of a very fast and comfortable bike this is a great choice. Great novice bike to learn on.

Disadvantages: Oil delivery problems that may need to be addressed on older models.

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