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Honda Magna V45 - Reviews

Honda Magna V45The Honda Magna v45 is the type of bike that only happens on rare occasions in motorcycle history.

The evolution of bikes often builds upon their predecessors, copying parts, building upon successes and fixing failures. When Honda decided to create a new generation of its 750 it didn't take the safe route--lucky for us because the unforeseen possibilities of a brand new era opened wide with the Magna v45.

Sometimes redesigning perfection can end up with some strange results, but 16 valve 1098cc engine delivered 80.3 horsepower at 9,500 rpms. This comfortable little bike could fly. And it looked good doing it too. A very sleek and sassy design that is definitive Honda while still being edgy gives the Manga v45 an aura all its own. It has a 6 gear wet clutch and electric starter. It will kick out 150 mph at the max and pop out of the gate at 60 mph in about 4 seconds. Even though that seems like too much power for an amateur the Magna v45 is a very stable and controllable bike so long as a beginner pays attention to what they are doing.

The Magna v45 introduced a new level of excellence to the sport touring bike that stamped the name Honda indelibly on the minds of riders who loved to go the distance—fast.

Advantages: Great distance bike with lots of power.

Disadvantages: Hard to name any. Great bike. Can be expensive to repair so caution is advisable while learning to handle the power.

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