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Honda Magna V65 - Reviews

Honda Magna V65The Honda Magna v65 showed the biking world that it really was possible to have massive power and beauty in one brilliant package. Never content to rest on their laurels as a leading producer of sport touring bikes Honda pushed their Magna line to the limits once more with an extra dose of good old-fashioned power.

The 1098cc engine has packs a punch at midrange that will make anyone's gut tighten up from the blast. Even advanced riders will find its 10,000 redline at the top end mind blowing. It sprints from the line and dives into any stretch you point it at like a charging freight train on crack. Honda gave its new baby an ad campaign that was hard to beat. Simple and straightforward: Bad news travels fast. Fast it is and it is one bad bike in a very good way.

'Bad' as it looked in a very cool way, the Magna v65 can still purr like a pussy cat and treat its riders to a comfortable and easy ride. The Magna v65 is incredibly stable and a good bike for even a novice rider who pays attention.

Advantages: Great power, fast pick up, forceful from low to top range. Typically easy to repair and long lived.

Disadvantages: Needs attention to keep it from getting away from a beginner.

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