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Honda Nighthawk 750 - Reviews

Honda Nighthawk 750The coming of age of the CB750 was Honda's Nighthawk 750. The grandchild of one of Honda's most significant bikes ever the Nighthawk 750 added style to the power and durability that the CB750 made famous. With its ties to the past and look to the future the Nighthawk 750 both paid homage to biking's glorious 70's and gave hope to the future for everyday riders.

It is responsive and does it all from track to street, from death defying twisties to leisurely strolls through the countryside. For all of its abilities what it really does best is take cities by storm as it provides a prideful swell to the chest of its rider while making anyone stop and stare when it rolls by. For all of the attention it commands with its presence the Nighthawk 750 stays where it belongs—on the road and demands little in the way of maintenance.

This bike like all of the similar Hondas of its kind attempted to cater to the middle of the road rider. While an entire industry sought to capture each end of the spectrum from extreme sport to ultra luxury the 750 series from Honda gave those who truly wanted a utilitarian bike a way to enjoy motorcycles their way.

The Nighthawk 750 went out of active production in 2003 but remains one of the historical Honda bikes and is beloved by many who have it in their garage.

Advantages: Super reliability. Great performance.

Disadvantages: Not as adaptable to sports, or long distance luxury.

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