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Honda RC51 - Reviews

Honda RC51The Honda RC51 had a few names globally. In the US it was the RVT1000R and in Europe it was the VTR1000. It really didn't matter what anyone called this bike its real name was SPEED. Its v-twin engine complete with two fuel injectors made sure if you were going someplace, you were going there fast.

On the track a new ruling allowed engines to be as high as 999cc and Honda made full use of that ruling. With the RC51 they struggled to attempt to dominate their divisions on the speedway but with the production replicas they gave road runners the ability to chew up the pavement. For Honda's bottom line in sales that was a big win.

Honda had a great advantage over some of the touchier sport bikes of its time in that it maintained its reliability and durability. Riders chose the road ready RC51 over Italian and Japanese bikes as much for the fact that they didn't have to tinker with them constantly as they did the speed.

As rules allowed bigger and more powerful engines on the track Honda quickly replaced the RC51 as a superbike racer. Nevertheless the powerful bike kept its strong following of street racing enthusiasts. Perhaps its only real drawback, if it is one, is the 32 inch seat that makes it a tall bike for smaller riders to handle, and the fact that it can kick out a powerful blast of energy that may be too much for a novice to handle. Through it all the RC51 will likely maintain its popularity through the years as one of the meanest bikes on the road.

Advantages: Extremely powerful and extremely good looking.

Disadvantages: Lots of power, too hard for a novice, may be too tall for smaller riders.

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