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Honda Rebel 250 - Reviews

Honda Rebel 250The Honda Rebel 250 is a comfortable easy going cruiser for everyday riders looking for a reliable bike with long distance comfort. The Rebel 250 has a 250 cc engine and is light enough at 320 pounds and short enough with a 26.6 inch seat for most people to handle comfortably. It makes a great city bike and also takes to the open road with ease. It handles well in almost any type of traffic or road condition while providing a stylish ride.

It has a 5-speed transmission and a suspension that makes most surfaces feel like riding on air. While it doesn't take to the dirt very well, small bumps and typical road glitches are no problem at all on the Rebel 250. Its comfortable upright riding position makes it easy on the spine, knees and wrists while still looking sporty enough for a biker's pride. It doesn't quite roar like a big hoss but it is plenty of bike for most riders. If there is one thing its owners love most about this durable and steady machine is the 70 mpg it gets on the highway. In today's day and age of horrendous gas prices it can't be beat.

Advantages: Great mileage. Very comfortable and suitable for distances. Reliable and durable. Low maintenance. Good beginner cruiser.

Disadvantages: Won't keep up with the faster speed bikes on the road.

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