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Honda Rebel 450 - Reviews

Honda Rebel 450Looking to meet the demand for a lighter weight cruiser to compete with its massively successful but burly Goldwings Honda put out a model that earned a good reputation as easy to manage while comfortable to ride. The Honda Rebel 450 had plenty of power to give decent speeds and excellent comfort without excessive luxuries for long distance travel. It has a very comfortable upright seating position and can be found in a version with plenty of room for a passenger behind complete with a back rest and luggage compartment behind.

Whether you chose a stripped down naked cruiser with extra speed while still being handleable for novice and smaller riders, or put all the extras on it for a bigger, but still manageable cruising bike the Rebel 450 gave its owners plenty to yell about—in a good way. A 447cc twin engine kicked out 38 horses for plenty of power on the open road and still managed to provide respectable mileage. The 27.2 inch seat was low enough for smaller riders to handle and although the weight on this model had jumped up to 407 pounds it was still much smaller than its twice as big cousin the Goldwing.

The Honda Rebel 450 cruiser will allow anyone to hit the highway with comfortable, powerful pleasure.

Advantages: Bigger and more power than the earlier models while still being an easy bike for an amateur to control.

Disadvantages: Leaning a little on the heavy side for a smaller rider.

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