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Honda VTX 1300 - Reviews

Honda VTX 1300Low to the ground, looking mean and ready to rumble the Honda VTX 1300 is a renaissance bike that can take you anywhere you want to go. A 1312cc engine powers up 76 heart thumping horses that will eat up the ground at 110 miles per hour.

Everyone can ride this bike and experience power and speed like it was meant to be. It has a v-shaft engine and five-speed shaft transmission cranking up 77.4 pounds of torque at 3,000 rpm. It swallows up twisties and chews up straight road. It has a 38mm constant velocity carburetor and jumps from a start like a panther—it looks like one too.

For such a seemingly small bike, which it really is not, the Honda VTX1300 weighs in at a burly 631 pounds, it is easy to control thanks to a low center of gravity and well balanced frame. It is a beautiful bike with impressive styling and color. Big or small this bike fits any rider perfectly. Its upright posture makes it a comfortable distance ride and offers a stable control at any speed. The 27 inch seat really does put you down low that allows any size rider to really plant and control this bike in any situation.

The VTX1300 began its production life in 1995 and continues today with a popular following of loyal subjects.

Advantages: Great bike for any rider. Lots of power. Very controllable. Low maintenance.

Disadvantages: Passenger seat is a little narrow.

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