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Honda VTX 1800 - Reviews

Honda VTX 1800VTX the acronym for v-twin extreme is Honda's super cruiser for the muscle lover. The Honda VTX1800 is a powerful massive bike that exudes power and control with that wild man-eating look that makes real bikers feel like, well, real bikers.

The biggest complaint a lot of bikers have when it comes to the luxury cruisers, of which Honda literally owns the market, is that they are too cushy, too comfortable, to auto-wannabe. The Honda VTX1800 is the performance cruiser that proves comfortable distance biking does not have to mean 'selling out' of the biker image.

Of course Honda is never content to just strap a piece of metal around a massive 1795cc power plant. The VTX1800 is a gorgeous machine that can stand proudly with any of the Honda beauties. It certainly does not throw luxury aside just for sport, it has what it needs to make any rider feel good as they cruise along ripping up the road with 116 horses.

The Honda VTX1800 supplies a demanding market with a cruiser that puts performance first. A programmed fuel injection system and 5-speed shaft drive transmission twists up a massive 120 pounds of torque at a mere 3,500 rpm. This bike will turn any pavement into rubble and not pull any stops.

The Honda VTX1800 gives people who believe in the motto 'you can't be too rich, or too fast' a bike that proves both right. It is a super fast, heavy duty, reliable, low maintenance bike that won't make you a pauperóbut will give you all the power you could ever desire.

Advantages: A terrific all around sports minded cruiser.

Disadvantages: A big bike that might easily get away from an amateur.

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