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Honda XR100 - Reviews

Honda XR100The Honda XR100 hits a curious snag. It is right smack dab in the middle of the size range for a dirt/motocross bike. That tends to give it a rather significantly narrowed audience. It is a little too big for very small, beginning riders, and a little too small for truly serious motocross and dirt racers. The Honda XR100's perfect niche is the younger rider advancing through the stage from rank beginner to higher levels of performance bikes. It is a stepping stone, but a good one for the purpose.

The 99cc engine is a little too powerful for very young beginners. It is fun on trails or track and can handle any type of ground. The 30.5 inch seat height makes it a good transition bike for older teens and adults but can be really difficult for younger, smaller riders to handle. It's air cooled engine and 5-speed transmission provide a very dependable ride, and the framework and suspension are durable and sturdy over any jump.

The Honda XR100, often affectionately known as 'Big Red' is a popular bike for riders making their way up into the professional motocross world.

Advantages: Excellent transition bike from amateur to a bigger more powerful motocross or dirt bike. Sporty looking, fun to ride, easy to maintain.

Disadvantages: Riding the edge between amateur and professional level bike it is easily 'out grown'. Drum brakes on front and rear are less reliable and can require a good stopping distance.

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