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Honda XR200 - Reviews

Honda XR200The Honda XR200 gives dirt biker enthusiasts a great, lightweight bike to dig up the dust with. It is a fun to ride, reliable bike that has a sturdy frame and great suspension. It handles jumps with ease without bottoming and jumps to a quick start.

With a six-speed, 4-stroke engine the little red power monger gives almost any dirt or motocross bike a run for its money. One of the most important aspects of any self-respecting motocross or dirt bike is maneuverability and the 222.7 pound XR200 proves that it is maneuverable and more. Improved expanding brakes helps give this bike more stopping power than the earlier models of the XR line and the 195cc engine has plenty of power.

Like its entire lineage the Honda XR200 comes only in red. It is a highly visible and visually attractive, sporty looking bike that high-speed, fun loving riders adore. The low maintenance that is typical of Honda also endears this bike to the hearts of performance loving riders.

The 33.5 inch seat is tall for smaller riders. It has too much power for beginners but will give more advanced riders an excellent ride in the dirt. Point it to where you want to go, and let the bike do the rest.

Advantages: Excellent dirt or motocross bike for more advanced, taller riders.

Disadvantages: Replacement parts can be a bit expensive for a bike meant to endure a lot of heavy duty bumps and jumps.

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