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Honda XR400 - Reviews

Honda XR400The Honda XR400 is an excellent heavy duty step into the high performance class of motocross trail bikes. Anyone ready to try their hand at competition or just needing a more powerful advanced bike will enjoy the power and feel of this responsive machine.

At its inception the Honda XR400 was the only 4-stroke in its class. That and so much more made this bike extremely popular really quickly and keeps its loyal following even today.

The 36.6 inch seat height makes this a tall bike that isn't for very young or short riders. It can even be a bit challenging for anyone not well above average height but it is excellent at what it does. The Honda XR400 tackles hills, bumps, and ruts like it was born to it—and it was.

A powerful 397cc 4-stroke engine offers plenty of kick and plenty of torque as it punches out speeds of over 90 mph. At 266 pounds it tends to feel heavier but in a good way. It feels more stable than a bike of that weight and height should feel.

The Honda XR400 is any graduating dirt biker's first step into the open world of real power. This big bike gets down and dirty with the best of them.

Advantages: Great reliability, lots of power, stable and controllable for an advanced rider, rugged enough to take any punishment you can deliver.

Disadvantages: Too tall for many riders. Too much power for beginners. No electric starter.

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