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Honda XR650 - Reviews

Honda XR650If you are serious about being a motocross contender and really what to whip some biker butt, the Honda XR650 will help you get'er done.

This high-powered monster of the dirt has a 649cc engine that only weighs in at 88 pounds. It is powerful and yet so light it doesn't hamper its ability to soar. It has 37mm intake valves and 32mm outtake that provide excellent efficiency and smooth running. Automatic cam chain tensioners make this a very low maintenance bike that is ready to run. It is quick to start thanks to the automatic decompression system with the compression release on the handlebars.

The XR650 is a big bike, and it looks big. It has a 37 inch seat and is the sport's tallest seat. Weighing in at 324 pounds its heft is well-controlled, streamlined and stable making it active and aggressive on the track. It is sharp to look at and keeps its condition for a long time. Engines run for thousands of miles without a glitch. This bike can provide a great deal of fun for any advanced rider in the family.

Advantages: Top of the line competition level dirt and motocross bike. Aggressive and low maintenance. Great for advanced riders. Holds 2.6 gallons with .5 in reserve for plenty of running time.

Disadvantages: Way too much bike for an inexperienced rider. Even with proper attention this bike will get away from a novice.

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