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Kawasaki KX 125 - Reviews

Kawasaki KX 125With its improved suspension the Kawasaki KX 125 is one of the best 2-stroke single cylinder 124cc powered dirt bikes in its class. The 37.2 inch seat puts you right up where the action is and makes it a more comfortable and stable ride for larger more advanced riders handling the sweeping curves, sharp inclines, devilish dives and head spinning jumps of motocross, or the thick and twisting paths of a trail.

It produces 41 horsepower and its 6 speed transmission garners up great torque at every level. The Kawasaki KX 125 has the incredibly light and yet sturdy high tensile steel frame that makes it rugged and yet only 191.8 pounds so that it can easily be made to do anything you ask of it under any ground conditions. Unlike some of its smaller cousins the KX 125 has plenty of mid-range power and even novice bikers will love the experience of the full bottom end thrust this bike can produce.

A two-speed reed valve on the KX 125's engine allows for better flexibility at low-end and keeps it from over-flexing at the top. It will make any dirt rider proud to ride and looks great doing anything you want this 'crosser' to do. It has a wide and loving following amongst the dirt biker community and will always gather a great deal of respect.

Advantages: Great intermediate competition bike. Does well in all conditions. Lightweight and powerful. Crisp power that responds well.

Disadvantages: Can show a little instability in turns.

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