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Kawasaki KX 85 - Reviews

Kawasaki KX 85Stepping up to the big daddy racing bike is a piece of cake—or should I say mud pie, with the Kawasaki KX 85. This bigger, badder version of the KX line gives the advancing rider entering the world of competitive motocross, or heavy duty trail blazing a bike to be reckoned with.

The Kawasaki KX 85 lacks a little power on the low end but once you get her up to the top you will find yourself flying around any course or down any trail. The 28mm carburetor provides great combustion and a lot of power with the 84cc engine cranking out 28.5 horsepower to tear up the dirt with.

The 33.1 inch seat can prove a little difficult for shorter riders but it handles easily even at beginning skill stages. A liquid cooling system keeps everything operating at peak efficiency in any kind of heat and stress. The Kawasaki high tensile steel frame makes the bike lightweight at 143.3 pounds, and allows it to speed along and take any jump with grace. The suspension gives it plenty of durability in landing and twisting around curves so that it remains stable and controllable.

The Kawasaki KX 85 is hell on wheels in the dirt, lightning quick on a jump, and Range Rover tough in the brush. It handles it all with style, grace and beauty for an ultimate sport bike thrill.

Advantages: Excellent early competition bike that can do it all.

Disadvantages: A little less power at the bottom end and a little tall for very small riders. Good beginners bike only if they can handle the power.

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