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Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R - Reviews

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6RThe Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R lives up to the image of its name. A bike that appears to be part stealth cruiser and part martial arts fighter it competes with venom on a track or on the street. The very aggressive seating stance puts its rider in the perfect position to sizzle down a straightaway or lean into a corner so tight the tires are practically on their sides. Riding on the thinnest of edge of the tire doesn't keep this amazingly balanced machine from being in total control of the road however—it is a Ninja master.

At 355 pounds it is a middleweight sports bike that may offer way too much power with its 636cc engine six-speed cassette transmission power system giving off an extreme amount of horsepower and linear torque that will destroy a novice rider. Its slipper clutch makes down shifting a dream but might confuse a rider unaccustomed to it even if they have a lot of experience with other racers. This is a high-speed, well-tuned, high-strung thoroughbred born to run down anything in its path.

The 41mm front fork suspension and bottom link gas-charged rear suspension provides smooth sailing but this is not a bike that can take jumps unless you want to lift off like the space shuttle and need mission control to land again. A track lover's delight and a road racers dream the Kawasaki ZX 6R is compelling to watch and amazing to ride.

Advantages: Power without question, speed, control and stability.

Disadvantages: Beginners, novices, and even intermediate riders beware; this bike has power to burn and may loosen a rider not capable of handling it.

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