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Kawasaki ZZR 1200 - Reviews

Kawasaki ZZR 1200145.2 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and 87.1 pounds of gut ripping torque—that isn't what you immediately assume a gentlemanly looking street sports cruiser will do, but the Kawasaki ZZR 1200 does it with massive and impressive style. First look might try to convince you this powerhouse is a pleasure pony. Certainly its more upright seating and comfortable padding with full luxury fairing and wind protection make it seem like a tame cousin to the power house supersport bikes Kawasaki has such a good handle on. The ZZR 1200 enjoys its deceptive look, however, sitting comfortably and waiting for an unsuspecting rider to throw a leg over—and then blowing their minds with a ripping, wheel popping power that can stop a heart.

Comfort is not all the warm-blooded powerhouse can provide. It is a stable and controllable machine that gives anyone of any skill set the opportunity to harness its massive power for their pleasure. Two fuel pumps, two radiator fans, and even two headlights, the ZZR 1200 was built for the road and built to stay there with impressive reliability.

The Kawasaki ZZR 1200 is a gentlman's speed bike with a rouge undertone that will make any man a hooligan—and women love it too.

Advantages: Awesome power, easy to handle, and very reliable. Beautiful bike that is comfortable to ride—fast.

Disadvantages: A bit cranky to start in the cold, and takes a few miles to settle in, but once it is there it is in the zone.

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