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Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter - Reviews

Kawasaki Vulcan DrifterThe Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter is a nod to the 30's and the Indian bikes that were wildly popular in those days. It is a cool modern day retro bike with style and class. However, retro has to stop someplace and a thoroughly modern push button ignition is a good place to stop the nostalgia. Kick-starting is something a little too retro for any modern day biker to relish, and disc brakes that give you modern stopping power make this a retro-bike for the modern world.

The Vulcan Drifter is an addition to Kawasaki's very popular middleweight cruiser class of Vulcans giving comfort and retro-style to a public screaming for a cruiser they could handle and maneuver easier than the hulking luxury cruisers on the road. The Drifter provides the old styled big fenders and floorboards that the old Indian's had and a low 28.9 inch seat to make it a very easily handled renegade. The 805cc twin engine has plenty of staying power to keep up with just about anybody on the road with the exception of the supersport rockets, but who cares; Drifter riders have comfort on their side.

It's not a rocket it's a bike built for long distance comfort and 40 miles per gallon makes long, long distance a great possibility.

Advantages: Easy to handle, affordable, enough power to be satisfying, retro styled coolness.

Disadvantages: At 599 pounds it is a short and somewhat bulky bike. Does 86.5 mph in a quarter mile at 14.9 seconds making it slower than a power bike, but reasonable for a cruiser.

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