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Moto Guzzi California - Reviews

Moto Guzzi CaliforniaA very strong and stunning piece of work, the Moto Guzzi California is bold beyond eyesight.

The bike that police officers in the United States admire and have used for over twenty years, the California is a trademark among American culture.

Having been recognized in popular films and magazines beginning in the 1970ís, the California is a wonderful bike that has roamed for over forty years.

Complete with a 90-degree, V-twin motor and the Magneti Marelli fuel system, the California is as powerful as it appears. The large windshield, supplementary fog lights, Brembo calipers and the uniquely designed wheels add character and personality to the California. Much of the overall perfection has become embedded in the bike from the early years as it continues to evolve still to this day.

With fantastic detail and a grand appearance, the California is simply a joy for the eye to see. A unique vision into the recent past of hardworking people and their satisfaction of a plain cruise to wherever their hearts take them, the California is just free.

For any person that knows how to handle the class and smooth power of a street cruiser, the California will be a perfect fit. Something to watch as it drives in and out of the city, the California stands alone as a bike in its own class. Luxury is certainly a standard item when it comes to Moto Guzzi, so many years after the fist motorcycle was designed. An item from Carlo Guzziís mind is a wonderful treasure to be valued and adored.

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